about Stamp


The Stamp of quality
The uniqueness of a personal touch

My approach as a photographer reflects a keen eye for the aesthetics and potency of the moment and an unwavering insistence on quality in all aspects of my work.


I counsel my clients concerning both the specifics and the potential of the assignment.

I am fully committed to creating results that meet my clients’ every expectation, and then adding the personal touch that lifts the image to its full potential.

No motive or theme lies outside my scope of interest.


I have extensive expertise and a long and varied thematic portfolio ranging from people and food to design items for crafted kitchens and industrial machinery.


I engage in each assignment with professional diligence, full presence and an eye for detail.  

It is absolutely essential that my clients experience a positive an productive process and I will go to any length to achieve supreme results.


The framing of expression with aesthetics and careful and diligent editing are disciplines that are  of equal importance to the execution of my craft as are dedicated photography and knowledge and knowhow in relation to lighting with the best equipment.


I work on location, both internationally and domestically.

I also carry out a lot of assignments in my large studio where I am able to offer a wide range of options and facilities.

I am prepared to go where the assignment takes me, based on your wishes and requirements.


Contact me for a professional non-binding chat about your project.


I look forward to hearing from you.